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Spring Safety Audit

Posted by OBBCO on 4/4/2017 to General

The arrival of Spring means business picks back up for companies whose work tends to be outdoors. This is a great time of year to perform a safety audit, to be sure everything is in great working order before heading out. 

What Do I Need to Safely Repaint My Boat?

Posted by OBBCO on 2/14/2017 to General
With warm weather on the way, it’s a great time to talk boat painting safety. Boat maintenance is hard work, and we’re here to ensure you have exactly what you need to take on the job safely. 

Let OBBCO Manage Your Inventory!

Posted by OBBCO Safety Supply on 11/29/2016 to General
You and your team rely on a variety of equipment and materials on a regular basis. While the needs may vary day to day or by industry, there is nothing worse for your workers' safety than running out of a vital piece of safety equipment. 

When you need the right pair of gloves, a face mask, reflective vest, hard hat, or respirator, you want to know that you have these items in stock. You won't always have the chance to catch a supply running low early enough to say, "We're running low on ____, we should place an order." Here at OBBCO we don't believe you should have to rely on that method. 

OBBCO Safety & Supply can monitor your inventory to keep track of what you're using and replenish your supplies when you're running low. 

What Can Go Wrong If You’re Using the Wrong Equipment?

Posted by OBBCO Safety Supply on 10/24/2016 to General

You may be buying the right gear, but you might be using the wrong equipment for the job at hand. Other times, it may not be what you wear, but how you wear it. When jobs require PPE or other safety gear, using the wrong item can be unnecessarily risky.


Here are just a few of the common examples we see with our customers that highlight the importance of always using the right safety equipment:

Gear Up for Hurricane Matthew with OBBCO

Posted by OBBCO Safety & Supply on 10/4/2016 to General
The category 4 hurricane that is currently moving its way up the Caribbean is expected to reach North Carolina and Hampton Roads by the weekend. The northern coast of North Carolina and Virginia are likely to feel at least some of the storm’s fury with heavy rain, gusty winds, large waves and dangerous surf. Tidal flooding may occur depending on the track of the storm, as will the amount of rain and severity of wind.

Hurricane and Summer Storm Preparedness: Part 2

Posted by OBBCO Safety & Supply, Inc. on 7/15/2016 to General

In our last blog, we talked about the importance of creating and implementing a summer storm preparedness plan for your business as we head into hurricane season.

Now, we would like to share our own emergency storm and hurricane supply checklist for the necessary gear and equipment to keep you safe in the event of a major storm:

Hurricane and Summer Storm Preparedness: Part 1

Posted by on 6/1/2016 to General

Being located on the Atlantic coast, our location in Southeast Virginia is at risk during hurricane season of storm surges, flooding, and extreme winds from big storms. Predictions for the 2016 hurricane season are that it will be higher likelihood of heavy storms than average.

Hurricanes and strong summer storms can cause downed power lines, fallen branches or entire trees, damage to buildings from rain and wind, power outages and water damage to electrical equipment.

From your safety experts at OBBCO Safety and Supply, we want to share some tips to keep your staff and equipment safe in the event of a hurricane or severe storm.

Step into Spring with Waterproof and Windproof Gear from OBBCO

Posted by OBBCO Safety & Supply on 4/4/2016 to General

As the old saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers,” but if you live in Virginia, you know that spring weather can be quite unpredictable. It's not uncommon to experience all four seasons in just one week, or even one day, so it is always smart to prepare for whatever task is at hand with the proper gear and clothing to protect you from the elements.

OBBCO Safety and Supply is your one-stop destination for all the waterproof or windproof gear you may need this spring. 

Visit Our Chesapeake Safety Supply Showroom!

Posted by OBBCO Safety & Supply on 2/29/2016 to General
You may already be familiar with OBBCO as a distributor for a wide range of safety and industrial supply products, but did you know we have a local storefront as well, right here in Chesapeake, Virginia? Our stocked retail store is open during normal business hours, and has an assortment of our best-selling gloves, glasses, flashlights, hardhats, gadgets and more. We are conveniently located right off Wood Lake Drive in the Greenbrier area of Chesapeake.

Hand Protection and Safety for Outdoor Winter Work

Posted by Obbco Safety & Supply on 1/29/2016 to General
Much like the way employers worry about the risks of heat exhaustion, sunburn and dehydration for their crews in the summer, there are equally important safety risks and hazards to consider while working outside in cold temperatures. Freezing temperatures, wind and snow not only draw heat away from the body and can lead to injury or hypothermia if stuck with the improper gear.

Safety in Summer!

Posted by Administrator on 7/13/2015 to General

Weekly weather reports are consistently showing temperatures above the 90-degree mark. Such temperatures put employees of strenuous environments at risk for heat stroke, dehydration, and other forms of heat stress. It is imperative to keep employees (and employers) safe in such conditions.

Workers at risk of heat stress include outdoor workers and workers in hot environments such as firefighters, bakery workers, farmers, construction workers, miners, boiler room workers, factory workers, and others. Workers at greater risk of heat stress include those who are 65 years of age or older, are overweight, have heart disease or high blood pressure, or take medications that may be affected by extreme heat.

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 Spring Safety Audit
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 What Do I Need to Safely Repaint My Boat?

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